Introducing BIOHAL, a next generation platform that developed liquid biopsy for early diagnosis of Cancer and Alzheimer at Early Stages using Blockchain technology.

READ MORE: https://bit.ly/2NCx92f

“BIOHAL solves a plethora of medical issues that derail a patient’s life. On behalf of the scientist’s who deal with the terminal diseases and bringing a cure for it, we have launched BIOHAL. The life of the individuals and their families can live with a peace of mind knowing there is an accurate early detection test with preventive medicine from BIOHAL.” Yuki Hasegawa, Founder/CEO, BIOHAL.

BIOHAL is the first blockchain-based medical platform to directly connect to all people in the whole world to save lives by diagnosing early cancer through PROTEO, a liquid biopsy technology.

The PROTEO can diagnose the solid malignant tumors: pancreatic, lung, breast, gastric, liver, colon, ovarian, uterine and kidney. Cancer is determined and classified into three stages: A (low risk), B (follow up required) and C (high risk).

READ MORE: https://bit.ly/2NCx92f

Working hard like a dog to live longer without thinking of investing to live longer? 

BIOHAL OFFERS innovative blockchain based solution for diagnosing cancer at early stage using the Super-Early Detection Liquid Biopsy PROTEO for everyone.

To pay for the tests, patients will use PON coins, the company tokens that BIOHAL has developed to run the system. Coins can be used to pay for screening, tests, buy supplies, medical products or to sell and trade.

READ MORE… https://bit.ly/2NCx92f

At present, BIOHAL’s PON tokens are going through Pre ICO sale starting on September 18, 2018. All users can also make use of the pre-sale from the following month where 1 PON is equal to $0.1 with 20% Bonus. The first part of crowdsale will go through the entire month of October and the second part of crowdsale will be done in the month of November. This is a great opportunity for everybody who wishes to be a part of Biohal’s ecosystem and gain benefits from it at very affordable rates by bringing accessible medical care to everyone globally.

READ MORE… https://bit.ly/2NCx92f


Money is power. Invest wisely! 





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